Catherine Meade

Catherine Meade

GitHub Pull Requests for Everyone

Reviewing a pull request can feel like a chore. If done poorly, PR reviews can mean a few hours of attempting to understand both the problem and the solution, then checking that the result matches the design. Sure, many of us have the luxury of walking to our coworker’s desk and getting a walk through. But what if the other dev isn’t free? What if they live in another time zone? What if you need a project manager or designer to look at your work, and they don’t have a local setup or much dev experience?

In this session, we’ll go over some tips and technologies to make your pull request process a bit smoother. We’ll discuss:
- Writing clear issues/stories to build a good foundation
- Tools you can use for reviewing work with remote coworkers
- Keeping design reviews from turning into blockers
- Adding testing instructions to your PR description
- Leaving positive feedback so no one goes home grumpy